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Water Filters that Remove Contaminants

The Adya water filtration unit includes a 0.2 micron ceramic filter and a multi-level raw earth filter containing activated carbon and zeolites. These will assure that your water will be crystal clear, taste clean, and be odor free.

0.2 Micron Ceramic Filter
The small pore size of our 0.2 micron ceramic filter means that larger particulates cannot pass through the filter. For example, the CDC suggests that you use a filter with an absolute pore size of one-micron or smaller (with or without NSF testing) to be able to trap Cryptosporidium, (a cyst which causes gastointestinal illness causing diahrea, and Giardia, (an anaerobic protozoan parasite which also causes, diahrea in humans.)

Our ceramic filter will last for approximately 1-2 years depending upon quantity and quality of water filtered, and abrasive cleaning/wiping of the filter.


Multi-level raw earth filter
Once your water filters through our ceramic filter it continues on to our multi-level raw earth filter which contains activated carbon and zeolites.

Activated carbon is used to adsorb (gather on the surface) natural organic compounds, taste and odor compounds, and synthetic organic chemicals (man-made contaminants that may be present in ground water like herbicides & pesticides.)

Zeolites are microporous minerals with a pore size of less than 2 nanometers in diameter. The small pore size makes zeolites highly adsorbent. Particulates are drawn to the zeolite and adhere to the surface.

Zeolites play a key role in reducing toxic waste where environmental concerns like fracking are concerned.


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