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How to Use Adya Minerals
Water Filtration Use, Care, Manual
Water Filters Use & Care

How to Use Adya's Water Filtration System

Using our water filtration system is easy!


When handling Adya Clarity please follow these guidelines:

• As with all concentrated mineral solutions, keep out of reach of children.
• Avoid contact with eyes, surfaces or clothing until diluted.

Once you have washed (use no detergents) all of the components of your water filtration system, and assembled per instructions ...

1. Fill upper chamber with water - The upper chamber capacity is 1-1/2 gallons (5 liters) and the bottom chamber is 3 gallons (10 liters.)
2. Once water is added to the upper chamber, add the appropriate amount of Adya Clarity to the water. The ratio of Adya Clarity to water is 1-2 teaspoons per 1-1/2 gallons (5 liters)
3. The water will filter through the ceramic filter and multi-layer earth filter into the bottom chamber and be ready to drink in a short while. Enjoy!

Cleaning your water filtration system: Occasionally, you may want to clean your water system.

Upper Chamber: Simply remove the upper portion of your water system, unscrew and remove the ceramic filter. Rinse and wipe the inside and outside of the upper chamber. Do not use detergents as this can affect the taste of your water if not rinsed properly or if using cleaning agents that can permeate certain materials.

Lower Chamber: Once the upper chamber is removed, remove the plate which has the multi-layer earth filter attached. Remove lower chamber from pedestal and follow the same process as the upper chamber.

Spigot: If you would like to clean the spigot, simply hold the spigot in place with one hand and unscrew the inside portion. Run water hot water through your faucet for a few minutes, use a tiny brush if you like.

If you have more questions about using our water filtration system please feel free to contact us.

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